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Nikola v7 finally out!

I am thrilled to an­nounce ver­sion 7 of Niko­la, a stat­ic site and blog gen­er­a­tor is out, with a bazil­lion fea­tures and bug­fix­es (see be­low).

You can get it at all the usu­al places, and here's the re­lease an­nounce­ment

Here's the new fea­tures, the bug­fix­es list would make the post too long :-)

  • Added UN­SLUGI­FY_TI­TLES op­tion for mak­ing ti­tles fetched via the file­name reg­exp pret­ti­er (Is­sue #1282)

  • New de­pen­den­cies: nat­sort (nat­u­ral sort­ing in gal­leries) and da­teu­til (re­places pytz)

  • Niko­la.­­com­­mands are now the user-friend­­ly wrap­pers from con­­sole (Is­­sue #1177)

  • Add a github_de­ploy com­mand to de­ploy to GitHub pages (Is­sue #1208)

  • Re­­move tidy fil­ter (it was bro­ken due to tidy be­ing an­­cien­t) (Is­­sue #1164)

  • Added GEN­ER­ATE_RSS set­ting to al­low dis­abling RSS in Niko­la (Is­sue #1236)

  • Link list­ings raw sources if COPY­­_­­SOURCES is True (Is­­sue #1214)

  • Much more pow­er­ful niko­la plug­in com­mand (Is­sue #1189)

  • More pow­er­­ful con­­sole mode al­lows ac­cess to all niko­la com­­mands (Is­­sue #830)

  • New `ROBOT­S_EX­CLU­SION­S` op­tion list­ing re­sources to ex­clude from sitemap and in­clude in new gen­er­at­ed /robot­s.txt (Is­sue #804)

  • Gen­er­ate sitemap­in­dex con­­tain­ing RSS and sitemap files (Is­­sue #804)

  • Sup­­port hooks in tem­­plates, for use by plug­ins (Is­­sue #896)

  • Use read­­­line if avail­able (Is­­sue #1238)

  • Re­placed READ­_­MORE_LINK with IN­DEX_READ­_­MORE_LINK and RSS_READ­_­MORE_LINK (Is­sue #1222)

  • Added read­­ing_­­time, re­­main­ing_read­­ing_­­time, para­­graph_­­coun­t, re­­main­ing_­­para­­graph_­­count tags for READ­­_­­MORE_LINK (Is­­sue #1220)

  • Add canon­i­­cal link in list­ings.

  • Added sup­­port for new meta files that are the same for­­mat as 1-­­file meta­­data, al­low­ing for greater flex­i­­bil­i­­ty (Is­­sue #954)

  • Col­or­box is now in­­ter­­na­­tion­al­ized (Is­­sue #1205)

  • Added LO­­GO_URL and SHOW_BLOG_TI­TLE=True set­t­ings to fa­­cil­i­­tate show­ing off lo­­gos (Is­­sue #1122)

  • Cre­ate au­­to­­mat­ic sto­ry in­­dex pages for sub­­­fold­er­s, too (Is­­sue #793)

  • New Slo­­vak tran­s­la­­tion by Tomáš Prékop

  • Cre­at­ed a Mark­­downEx­ten­­sion plug­in class (Is­­sue #1175)

  • The base theme pro­­duces prop­er­­ly sec­­tioned and se­­man­tic HT­M­L5 (Is­­sues #1123, #1137)

  • The base theme comes with a new stylish look by de­­fault (Is­­sue #1137)

  • The base theme sup­­ports Right-­­to-Left by us­ing ::dir(rtl) CSS4 rules and <html dir="rtl"> tags where valid (Is­­sue #1146)

  • Boot­s­trap 2 up­­­dat­ed to 2.3.2 (via Is­­sue #1137)

  • Added FORCE_ISO8601 set­t­ing that cur­ren­t­­ly makes new_­­post use ISO 8601 dates (via Is­­sue #1156)

  • Added sup­­port for TZ spec­i­­fied in post date (Is­­sue #1118)

  • Make niko­la init ask about the site’s set­tings (Is­sue #1080)

  • Use nat­u­ral sort­ing for files and fold­ers list in list­ings and gal­­leries (Is­­sue #1144)

  • Added in­­­var­i­ance test­ing (Is­­sue #672)

  • Plug­ins can in­­­ject tem­­plates in the sys­tem (Is­­sue #1139)

  • niko­la im­port_­word­press now has a --q­­tran­s­late op­tion, to parse posts in the qtrans­late word­press plug­in for­mat and turn them in­to mul­ti­lin­gual Niko­la posts (Is­sue #1072)

  • niko­la con­sole al­lows for in­ter­preter choice via -b, -i, -p; more­over, sup­port for bpython is not dep­re­cat­ed any­more (Is­sue #1126)

  • re­tired tag for posts has been re­placed with pri­vate (via Is­sue #686)

  • Changed the de­­fault TRAN­S­LA­­TION­S_­­PAT­TERN to "{­­path}.{lang}.{ex­t}". (Is­­sues #990, #829)

  • Back­­wards com­­pat­i­­bil­i­­ty with v5 is bro­ken. Added back­­ward­s-in­­com­­pat­i­ble changes. (Is­­sue #829)

  • Added a CON­TENT_­FOOTER_­FOR­MATS con­fig op­tion. It is used to for­mat the CON­TENT_­FOOT­ER vari­able prop­er­ly, for com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with the Trans­lat­able Set­tings fea­ture. The vari­able takes a dic­t, the keys of which are lan­guages, and val­ues are (args, kwargs). (Is­sue #1112)

  • Cer­­tain set­t­ings are now tran­s­lat­able. As of now, the set­t­ings are: BLOG_AU­THOR, BLOG_TI­TLE, BLOG_DE­SCRIP­­TION, LI­­CENSE, CON­­TEN­T_­­FOOTER, SO­­CIAL_BUT­­TON­S_­­CODE, SEARCH_­­FOR­M, BODY_END, EX­­TRA_­­HEAD­­_­­DATA, NAV­I­­GA­­TION_LINKS, READ­­_­­MORE_LINK (the up­­-­­to-­­date list is avail­able in SITE.­­TRAN­S­LAT­ABLE_SET­T­INGS) (Is­­sues #851, #1057, #1061, #1112)

  • New­thor() re­­turns meta 'au­thor' or BLOG_AU­THOR (Is­­sue #1117)

  • Ship base-jin­­ja, boot­s­trap-jin­­ja, boot­s­trap3-jin­­ja with Niko­la (Is­­sue #1104)


  • Re­­move old mes­sages left over for back­­wards com­­pat­i­­bil­i­­ty: (Is­­sues #829, #1105)

    • "More posts about", re­­­placed by "More posts about %s"

    • "Post­ed", re­­­placed by "Post­ed:"

    • "Al­­­so avail­able in­­­", re­­­placed by "Al­­­so avail­able in­­­:"

  • Re­­move old "s­l_SI", "tr_TR" lo­­cale alias­es (use "s­l" and "tr") (Is­­sue #829, #1105)

  • New op­­tion RSS_­­PLAIN to op­­tion­al­­ly strip HTML from RSS feeds (Is­­sue #1107)

  • Sup­­port con­­tent key in com­pil­er­s' cre­ate_­­post (Is­­sue #1098)

  • Use se­tup­tool­s’ ex­tras fea­ture. Use pip in­stall niko­la[ex­tras] to in­stall Niko­la with ex­tras (re­quire­­ments-ex­­tras.txt, for­mer­ly re­quire­­ments-­­ful­l.txt -- note the name change!) (Is­sue #1089)

humitos / 2014-06-01 22:10:

Gracias a todos los que laburaron en esta release. Ya migré y, además de que fue muy sencillo, mi blog quedó más lindo con el tema que trae por defecto. Se nota que está un poco más pulido :D

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