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Migrating from Wordpress to Nikola

Sev­er­al peo­ple have mi­grat­ed from Word­press in­to Niko­la, and here are some of their de­scrip­tions of the pro­cess:

In gen­er­al, it seems to be work­ing, but there's some work still to be done. Word­press sup­ports many dif­fer­ent plug­ins and ex­ten­sions which re­act to markup in their pages, and sup­port­ing that's al­most an in­fi­nite task. Cur­rent­ly Niko­la's im­porter han­dles a few of the more com­mon. But if you try to im­port your blog and get less than ide­al re­sult­s, please file a bug and I'll do my best to fix it.

Usu­al­ly the fix­es are rather sim­ple, it's just that I have nev­er seen that spe­cif­ic thing ;-)

Have fun!

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