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Mama Don't Let Your Baby Grow Up To Be a Cowboy^W Lisper

For­get about it, cow­boys are fine. Let them grow up to be cow­boys, I don't care. But Lisper­s... nah. Ok, no, there is­n't any­thing wrong about Lisp, or about us­ing Lisp, or about peo­ple that use Lisp.

There is, how­ev­er, some­thing wrong about be­ing a Lisper, the kind of per­son that takes ad­van­tage of any mo­ment to look down on any code and say "o­h, this in Lisp would be clean­er/easier/short­er/­faster/triv­ial/what­ev­er".

And I must con­fess I have be­come that per­son, but with Python in­stead of Lisp. So I will be do­ing some non-python cod­ing projects this year. Be­cause close­ness means bad per­spec­tive, and be­cause I don't want to be that per­son.

So, C++ here I come (back­). I see you've changed. So have I. Let's give us a chance.

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