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Journey to Hart's Halo

  • Au­thor: Lou Hood
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    Got this as part of the Sto­ry Bun­­dle.

    It starts in­­trigu­ing­­ly, and stays that way for about two thirds of the book. Then it all goes to hell in a hand­bas­ket and the end makes no sense what­­so­ev­er. Feels like the au­thor felt not enough was hap­pen­ing, or de­­cid­ed to do "a twist" or... I don't know, but the whole end of the book af­ter the "reap­­pear­ance" (if you read it you know what I mean) ru­ined it for me.

    I liked the be­gin­n­ing though, so I will try to read some­thing else by the au­thor.

    Al­­so: the face in the book cov­­er is dis­­­con­cert­ing­­ly sim­i­lar to Shel­­don Coop­er from The Big Bang the­o­ry.