2012-06-01 13:05

How I Prepare to Speak

  1. Be asked to speak
  2. Be unsure about it for a few days
  3. Be asked if you are going to move your ass and do it already
  4. Think title
  5. Send proposal at deadline +/- 48 hours
  6. Spend the next week or two thinking of cancelling
  7. Figure out what the title means
  8. Spend the next N-1 weeks until the conference with a constant dialog in your head about what you should talk about
  9. Turn that constant unorganized dialog into a little story
  10. Write down the story headings in slides
  11. Attend the conference
  12. Sit in the back while you polish slides
  13. Start talking
  14. Show slides
  15. Stop talking


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