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Greenwich 0 Tribe

A week ago or so I changed jobs sud­den­ly. I was fired1 at noon, and it took me all the way un­til late af­ter­noon to find an­oth­er job2.

So, I lost a promised vis­it to Ljubl­jana of­fices, I gained a promised vis­it to Lon­don of­fices, mon­ey would come from a dif­fer­ent place, Async-flask-­clone was out, Djan­go was in, and so on.

Lit­tle did I know that a much more fun­da­men­tal change was in store, I would have to change tribes3. I left the tribe where I had lived my whole life, the usu­al­ly GMT-3 tribe of my birth, and joined Green­wich 0.

So, I now wake up at what these for­eign­ers around me claim is 4:45 AM, so I can get to my dai­ly standup at my 9:15. This is hav­ing in­ter­est­ing ef­fects in my ... ev­ery­thing.

My son did not wash the dish­es as he's sup­posed to, and promised to do it "later"? Well, I wake up, if dish­es are not done, I wake him up, and dish­es get done be­fore dawn.

I get ~4 hours of qui­et work, which in these quar­an­tined age is a lot.

I am done by my 5:30, which is my fam­i­ly's 13:30, so that means I can have lunch with ev­ery­one and then take a nap, like a farmer.

I can have two, maybe three brak­fasts a day if I try hard.

I go to bed at 3AM/11P­M, so I feel like I am a night owl, sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, but not all at once. I am slight­ly jet­lagged right now, or maybe all the time, but I did not move in space, on­ly in time.

I see dawn ev­ery day.

Days are long, like the long­est day of sum­mer is long, on­ly in fal­l. In the sum­mer they will be even longer, for­ev­er days, nor­we­gian days, 16 hours of light.

How do I feel about this? Well, I don't know. It's like a mod­est ad­ven­ture with­out leav­ing the house. It's like try­ing to live a week with­out us­ing the let­ter "M", like try­ing to eat rus­sian sal­ad and leave the car­rots un­touched, like go­ing to work in a strange neigh­bor­hood where ev­ery­one is asleep and cars don't run, and birds sing loud and it's day­time on ev­ery­one else's screen and...

Ok, not quite as Love­craftian as that sound­s, peo­ple.

  1. Well, not re­al­­ly, I was a con­­trac­­tor, but, you know. 

  2. Well, not re­al­­ly, I am a con­­trac­­tor here too, but, you know. 

  3. See http­s://en.wikipedi­­i/East­­ern_­S­­tan­­dard­­_Tribe 

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