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Forget about "incognito mode", use a throwaway browser!

It's not be­cause I wrote it (ok, yes, it's be­cause I wrote it) but if you ev­er need a "clean" browser, with­out cook­ies etc for test­s, you can do worse than us­ing my De­vi­cen­zo like this:

rm -f ~/.config/ralsina/devicenzo.conf
curl | python

The first line re­moves all con­fig­u­ra­tion, cook­ies, etc, you may have and the sec­ond one down­loads the lat­est ver­sion (don't wor­ry, it takes about 2 sec­ond­s) and launch­es it.

And voilá, a com­plete­ly fresh out­-of-the-box, we­bkit-based browser, with no pre­vi­ous his­to­ry, cook­ies, or con­fig­u­ra­tion, fair­ly fea­ture-­com­plete.


this re­quires you hav­ing python and PyQt al­ready in­stalled (which is why de­vi­cen­zo it­self is so tiny)


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