2007-02-16 15:01

My SPF lib improving

It now can do a bunch of things like expanding macros and (in some cases) validating mechanisms.

I am making very heavy use of unit testing, because it's a pretty complex piece and each function needs to do exactly the right thing or everything else fails (it's pretty hard to figure out where it will fail ;-)

You can check the 947 LOC thing at http://code.google.com/p/raspf (the Code tab).

If you do check it, jeep in mind the following:

  • It uses a few libs, and they are included in the source code for simplicity.
  • I do sometimes commit code that doesn't compile
  • I do sometimes commit code that fails tests
  • You need cmake
  • I am not giving a damn about memory management right now, so don't bother worrying about leaks: everything leaks in this code. I want to make it functional first, then I can plug it one function at a time (simply by running the unit testing code with a memory checker).

Enjoy (although it's not precisely enjoyable code right now ;-)


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