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Graphing qmail/courier-imap stats using munin

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, you graphed your sys­tem's sta­tus us­ing MRTG but nowa­days, there are much nicer tool­s, and I like Munin.

For MRT­G+q­mail there are many script­s, but I could­n't find one I liked for Munin.

Since munin is mod­u­lar, it's easy to fix, of course.

First, get the ex­cel­lent qm­rtg which gives you great, quick, awe­some mul­ti­log-crunch­ing tool­s.

Then, check the cod­s, check the munin plug­in doc­s, and it's pret­ty much a 20-­line thingie. In shel­l.

I would post it, but my blog­ging tool hates shell code :-)

And you get your graph­s. I am prob­a­bly go­ing to write a col­lec­tion of these and pub­lish it some­where.


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