2006-09-08 18:41

Graphing qmail/courier-imap stats using munin

Traditionally, you graphed your system's status using MRTG but nowadays, there are much nicer tools, and I like Munin.

For MRTG+qmail there are many scripts, but I couldn't find one I liked for Munin.

Since munin is modular, it's easy to fix, of course.

First, get the excellent qmrtg which gives you great, quick, awesome multilog-crunching tools.

Then, check the cods, check the munin plugin docs, and it's pretty much a 20-line thingie. In shell.

I would post it, but my blogging tool hates shell code :-)

And you get your graphs. I am probably going to write a collection of these and publish it somewhere.


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