2006-06-30 15:35

Now that the world cup is over...

... let's turn to a completely different subject.

In my professional life (that is, not counting odd jobs) I have had only three employers.

I worked for many years for the nice guys at UNL and for about a year for the not so nice guys at Conectiva (now Mandriva) Ok, I take that back, they were nice guys, they just were not a good place to work at. Or rather to stop working at.

And the third one has been me.

I must say I am pretty happy with me as a boss. I have managed to go through some very difficult moments in my country's economy, and never failed to cover payroll. Then again, I was very willing to take some paycuts, so I am a model employee, at least about that.

But... I have decided, a few months ago, that there are clear limits on how far being one's boss and sole employee can take you, so with a couple of friends we have decided to start a company, sortof.

It's pretty tentative right now, but we are all three quite knowledgeable in many things, and our areas of expertise overlap enough so that we can cover each other, and are different enough that we have a varied service offer.

Our main focus is system/network/DB management, and a little coding. So from now on, you will see every now and then, updates about this new project.

Where are we now:

  • We have a few customers.
  • Each of us is keeping most of their old ones, too.
  • We are using Trac to manage issues like ticketing and documentation.

What we need to do:

  • We need to start marketing.

Anyone can recommend a good nerdy hosting? Unmanaged, cheap, Linux? We are going right now with Tektonic, which has some very cheap unmanaged plans.

Anyone can recommend good literature on how to manage a service company?

Anyone thinks this is a very bad idea? Or a very good idea? Why?

I am pretty psyched about this, these are the two persons I would trust most in this subject, and we have been friends for a very long time. It's going to be fun :-)


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