2006-06-30 14:59

Hurt-o-meter marking: yellow

So, we're out.

The match was pretty even, not badly played, but both teams played excellent defense, so ...

Penalty kicks can go either way, and we are out.

What I have learned:

  • Enalapril does work.
  • Tevez is a monster.
  • Germany will not win the cup... unless they get some more luck. Like Ukrayne in semis and France in the final. Anyone else and they are toast (ok, maybe Italy sucks enough).
  • We have a very good shot in 2010.

I am obviously not feeling ok right now, but ... I said quarters or semis, and I said it would be with suffering. So there. I was right. Not that I actually enjoy being right. It's more like I hate being right.


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