2006-06-23 14:53

More on .9999... and 1

Read the comments. I am ashamed of mathematical education, right now. If these people has passed any mathematics tests (and some even claim to have gone to college), maths are hopelessly difficult.

Some choice quotes:

1/3 is a symbol for a set of 4 words, it is not a NUMBER.

Only a single number CAN POSSIBLY = 1. Other numbers may ADD UP to 1, but they don't EQUAL 1. Since 1 clearly = 1, .99999 repeating simply cannot equal 1.

.33(repeting) is irrational.

.99999 does not equal 1. It might in the CURRENT UNDERSTANDING of mathematics, but that don't make it true.

Mathematics cannot even prove that .99999 ... is not equal to 1.

Right now, math really can't deal with infinite numbers

.9 repeating, an irrational number, is ABSOLUTELY EQUAL to the rational number 1. Can this be used as proof to show there is no such thing as irrational numbers?

I'm half tempted to say there isn't really a right or wrong answer

I think I've come to the conclusion that .999... = 1 in the same sense that .333... = 1/3. Which is to say, it doesn't, quite, but we treat it like it does because our decimal system has problems.

0.9 recurring does not equal 1. Why? Because it's 0.9 recurring.

1 = .9 repeating IF WE WANT IT TO.

This is an exploitation of our numeric system, to arrive at an outcome that is indeed very close to being true, but the closer it gets to being true the further away it actually is.

2.9 repeating plus 2.9 repeating equals 5.9 repeating 8

And this last one is amazing. The poster proposes a number that is a 5.9 (an infinite number of 9s... and an 8). Right. An 8. After infinite 9s. At the end of them. Right there. Go to infinity position, then one more. There's the 8.

My mind boggles. And it's a mind that actually accepts .99(repeating) is 1.


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