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How satanic messages work (with video)

Ev­ery­one knows about the hid­den sa­tan­ic mes­sages in songs.

You take a song, you play it back­ward­s, and in cer­tain places, you will have the singer say­ing some­thing evil, like "I like eat­ing pup­pies with cin­na­mon".

I have al­ways as­sumed that this hap­pens be­cause our brains try to rec­og­nize pat­terns in the sounds they get, and they are a bit too good in that job, but now I have proof.

Here's a video Rosario (my wife, hi dear!) sent me:

In it you can hear pieces of pop songs, in eng­lish (and lat­in), and sub­ti­tles of what they seem to say in span­ish.

Now, un­less you be­lieve Avril Lav­i­gne ac­tu­al­ly says "Lei­va quiso ven­derme el Ford" (Lei­va tried to sell me a Ford), and Mar­ley sings about "Where is Ju­li­a", the "pick­ing too much sig­nal" the­o­ry seems true.

Spe­cial­ly, if you are told what you should hear, it works much bet­ter!

I had heard these songs a mil­lion times, and I had nev­er thought they said that, but with the sub­ti­tles... some of them are pret­ty close :-)

The is­sue of why sub­lim­i­nal mes­sages en­cod­ed back­wards in songs make no sense in the first place is an­oth­er top­ic.

Disco Bambino / 2006-06-23 18:35:

This reminds me of a Turkish music video that somebody subtitled with funny Swedish words a few years ago...

and the explanation is here:

AnonaMoose / 2006-06-24 02:48:

It just goes to show people will push their own agenda even when facts get in the way, the clearest one is avril.
There is NO way she says that spanish and any one who thinks so well lets just say I have some nice land to sell them or maybe they can help me transfer ! BILLION british pounds from my deceased uncle's diamond mine :p

Roberto Alsina / 2006-06-24 03:17:

AnonaMoose: either the post went totally over your head, or your comment went totally over mine, but I have no idea what you can possibly mean.

cyrylas / 2006-06-24 12:15:

Here's some songs with evil code playing backwards :)

AnonaMoose / 2006-06-24 13:13:

I was refering to the nigerian scam and also the good old real estate scam in america where basically greedy and/or gullible people fall for a deception where any one with common sense would say that it simply couldn`t be true.
So in black and white I`m saying I do not beleive they are saying the subtitled things and that anyone with common sense would agree.
Hope this made it clearer :)

Roberto Alsina / 2006-06-24 13:23:

Of course they are not saying that. That is obvious.

It's a joke video.

The point I was trying to make (obviously incomprehensibly) was that it does **sound** as if they are saying that.

Just like it may **sound** as if there is a satanic message in stairway to heaven played backwards.

It's not there, but your brain perceives it.

It's just another example of the same phenomenon.

And yes, it **does** sound as if Bee Gees are saying "dogs run on the train" (perros corren sobre el tren).

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