2006-06-23 14:14

How satanic messages work (with video)

Everyone knows about the hidden satanic messages in songs.

You take a song, you play it backwards, and in certain places, you will have the singer saying something evil, like "I like eating puppies with cinnamon".

I have always assumed that this happens because our brains try to recognize patterns in the sounds they get, and they are a bit too good in that job, but now I have proof.

Here's a video Rosario (my wife, hi dear!) sent me:

In it you can hear pieces of pop songs, in english (and latin), and subtitles of what they seem to say in spanish.

Now, unless you believe Avril Lavigne actually says "Leiva quiso venderme el Ford" (Leiva tried to sell me a Ford), and Marley sings about "Where is Julia", the "picking too much signal" theory seems true.

Specially, if you are told what you should hear, it works much better!

I had heard these songs a million times, and I had never thought they said that, but with the subtitles... some of them are pretty close :-)

The issue of why subliminal messages encoded backwards in songs make no sense in the first place is another topic.


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