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Roadmap for Qt/IUP

I have been con­tact­ed by a few peo­ple about Qt/I­UP. Here's my cur­rent state of mind...

  • It works most­­ly.

  • It lacks a few wid­gets

  • It needs some­one to walk over the docs check­­ing ev­ery­thing is im­­ple­­men­t­ed and se­­man­ti­­cal­­ly right.

  • It has a (IMVHO) de­­cent struc­­ture for the Qt back­­end. It should be pos­si­ble to im­­ple­­ment ev­ery­thing us­ing it.

  • The IUP peo­­ple know about it.

  • It's still just my toy, AFAIK

So, its fu­ture seems to re­ly on me hav­ing time and en­er­gy to fin­ish it... and there's the catch.

I am Gim­li. I am not a marathon run­ner. We dwarves are nat­u­ral sprint­er­s! So, I can usu­al­ly cook up a de­cent project in a week or a mon­th, and then it lan­guish­es.

Spe­cial­ly be­cause I re­al­ly don't need Qt/I­UP.

I on­ly got here be­cause I was try­ing to learn D and I did­n't like any of their por­ta­ble toolk­it­s, and I found no bet­ter small C tool­kit I could wrap, and then I dis­liked it be­ing Mo­tif.

As you can see, an en­tire­ly too weak link from me to Qt/I­UP to be sus­tain­able.

I will try to push it to­day, im­ple­ment­ing the miss­ing wid­get­s, and see what hap­pen­s.

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