2006-05-16 10:34

Roadmap for Qt/IUP

I have been contacted by a few people about Qt/IUP. Here's my current state of mind...

  • It works mostly.
  • It lacks a few widgets
  • It needs someone to walk over the docs checking everything is implemented and semantically right.
  • It has a (IMVHO) decent structure for the Qt backend. It should be possible to implement everything using it.
  • The IUP people know about it.
  • It's still just my toy, AFAIK

So, its future seems to rely on me having time and energy to finish it... and there's the catch.

I am Gimli. I am not a marathon runner. We dwarves are natural sprinters! So, I can usually cook up a decent project in a week or a month, and then it languishes.

Specially because I really don't need Qt/IUP.

I only got here because I was trying to learn D and I didn't like any of their portable toolkits, and I found no better small C toolkit I could wrap, and then I disliked it being Motif.

As you can see, an entirely too weak link from me to Qt/IUP to be sustainable.

I will try to push it today, implementing the missing widgets, and see what happens.


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