2006-05-16 00:20

Using runit is even simpler

I have posted in the past about runit.

One of the problems people migrating to runit have is that all your services are SysV scripts.

The runit author has a collection of scripts you can use, but usually they require some adjustment to work on a specific version of Linux.

So, I wrote a lame python script that takes the SysV scripts you are currently using and turns them into runit services, including dependencies.

Suppose you usually start on runlevel 3. Then you save this script and run it like this:

mkdir services
python importinit.py 3

And you should end with a bunch of runit services inside services/

Those services will start in roughly the same order as if you were using SysV init. That's probably way too much dependencies.

The main difference is that kdm will start earlier and the ttys will start way earlier than you are used to.

I have found that my notebook boots faster using this, but I can't provide a bootchart because it simply doesn't seem to work in my computer.

If anyone is willing and able to run the tests and quantify the difference, I am all ears.

For some reason kudzu, iptables and arptables_jf don't work with this approach, so just stick them at the bottom of /etc/runit/1

Also, please understand that these are not correct runit services. They are not managed, so if your service crashes it stays crashed.

So, you should still eventually migrate to correct scripts. This is just a way to make that simpler.


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