2006-05-03 11:49

Rethinking my fax solution

I decided to redo most of it, because I think I figured out a better way.

  1. Use efax instead of mgetty+sendfax

After all, efax works with my modem and sendfax doesn't ;-)

  1. Write a generic spooling thingamajig for efax (this is easy)
  2. Rewrite printfax.pl in a simpler way (done)
  3. Simplify the windows side.

Forget about a Qt app. All that's needed is a proggie that listens on a port, accepts connections. The connection gives it a URL. It launches the default browser with that URL.

If anyone reading this can write that program, I would really like it. Use VB, use .NET, use Java, I don't care.

  1. Use the web app as the only interface.

What's missing yet:

  • Writing the queuing program (should use same format as mgetty+sendfax's)
  • The windows "client"
  • Minor tweaks to the web app ( basically a form for the sending data)

And that's it.

Other than the windows thing, it's about a day's work.


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