2006-05-02 15:44

FaxWeb is done

FaxWeb, a web frontend for mgetty+sendfax is finished. It works. It's probably close to bugfree ;-)

The missing piece is a nicer reimplementation of respond (and this one will be cross-platform, too) using PyQt, which is 50% done.

I am only missing how to implement portable systray icons. On Mac they make no sense, on Linux I have it working, on Windows I have no idea.

Here's the simple interface for faxweb:

http://static.flickr.com/54/139230422_f453d38430_t.jpg http://static.flickr.com/50/139230433_0d87a2f0ae_t.jpg http://static.flickr.com/47/139230434_f91f8d0b01_t.jpg

It even has a little AJAXy "the page doesn't reload" niceties courtesy of MochiKit!

Also from MochiKit, the nicer, rounded look&feel. Compare to this older, uglier one:


I know the new one is not good, either, but I have decided that since I can't aim for awesome, I should aim for adequate, and settle for boring and harmless.

Of course, if any CSS/XHTML guru volunteers for a makeover, I'd be very happy, since I use the same CSS everywhere (even on parts of this blog ;-).

All in all, a pleasure to write this thing, thanks to CherryPy!


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