2005-12-28 09:50

Python Contest

There is a python contest at http://www.pycontest.net/

The task is writing the shortest program to drive a seven-segment LCD thingy.

I have no hope of winning, but here's a helpful hint:

If your code is any longer than this (191 chars), it will not win ;-)

a=' _ '
c='   '
d='  |'
e=' _|'
f='|_ '
g='| |'
def seven_seg(x):
        return '\n'.join([eval('+'.join([v[int(l)*3+i]for l in x]))for i in 0,1,2])+'\n'

Note: I edited this item way too many times already ;-)

And yes, I can save two characters moving the return up.

A much uglier, yet much shorter (151) version:

def seven_seg(x):return''.join([''.join(['|    ||__  __ || |  |'[int('a302ho6nqyp9vxvpeow',36)/10**(int(l)*3+u)%10::7]for l in x])+'\n'for u in 0,1,2])

And yes, that pretty much proves you can write ugly python. And I am giving up. A shorter version probably involves a different algorithm, and I can't find any.

I am particularly proud of saving one character by writing 104004334054154302114514332064 as int('a302ho6nqyp9vxvpeow',36).

Also interesting is that the number I was using there originally started with 4 and was exactly the same length written both ways ;-)

Since that number is pretty arbitrary (it's an index table into the "graphics" array), I just shuffled the 1 and the 4. The 0 would have been better but then it didn't work, of course :-)


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