2005-03-17 23:59

Linux: a not-unix-like OS.

Well, I am still experimenting with my concept-distro.

I am now up to a running PyQt using uClibc, which I thought unlikely ;-)

I completely removed all the sysv init stuff, and replaced it with runit, which has an interesting effect:

It boots to a graphical login in about 15 seconds. Inside qemu. In a 900Mhz duron. Including kernel loading.

Of course the trick is that you have the login while stuff is still loading, but I am working on that, too.

Since using runit it's pretty simple to get a overview of where the booting process is (services have dependencies, they simply get started in order, and in parallel), I will hack a system-wide ksplash-like thing on a side of the xdm (probably will end up writing my own whateverdm).

Think of it as Fedora's rhgb, only you can login instead of getting bored.

I also switched to a root-free system Ubuntu style. Not decided yet on it, but it's not hard to do (or use).

Next step: hack Knoppix HW-detection script (or rather rewrite them in a real language).

I understand why there are 743 Linux distros. It's quite a lot of fun to hack one together.

Oh, and it needs a name. It's not going to be useful for anyone, it's just a personal toy, but it needs one.

Come on, Planetkde guys, throw me names for a non-unix like linux, if you dare ;-)


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