2005-03-08 23:59

Trac is cool. Cherrypy is cooler.

Trac is cool. Easy to set up, easy to run, low maintenance, and you get:

  • A ticketing system
  • Milestones
  • A webcvs-like thing for subversion
  • A wiki (I mean,. what doesn't provide a wiki nowadays?)
  • Bug reporting tool
  • The bug reporting tool and the subversion changesets can be linked using Wiki markup (now that's cooler than it sounds ;-)
  • You don't need to be root to set it up, and you don't need apache or anything else, really.

Really, really nice stuff.

On the other hand, CherryPy is a tool that lets you "publish your python objects on the web", which doesn't really mean much, but here's what I figured out:

Cherrypy is the first way I have seen to write a useful web-based app in a reasonable amount of time and pain.

Example, I wrote a frontend to clamav (allowing me to remotely trigger scans of individual nodes on a network) using Cherrypy and pyclamav in about 200 lines of code.

It works like a charm, it's robust, it even can be made to look nice using some sort of templating engine (haven't bothered yet).

And of course, I control that baby using a Trac project :-)


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