2004-12-22 18:58

Games using PyQt

As some may remember, a long time ago I started writing a Bejeweled! lookalike using PyQt.

While that game is actually playable, it mostly showed me I had no idea how to write a decent game ;-)

So, I have been for a couple of weeks trying to create a high level package for creating games, specifically board games (yes, I classify Bejeweled as a board game).

Well, it's working. I am writing a few libraries, and I am writing three games using it.

  • Scroogle: a dumb boggle/scrabble mixture
  • Nameless1: The bejeweled clone
  • Nameless2: A crafty-compatible chessboard

Since I have abstracted stuff like pieces, squares, and such, these games are quite small in size, which means easy to implement!

For example, scroogle can keep score, use a dictionary for word validation, replace used tiles with new ones, so it's basically complete.

It's under 200 lines of code.

The chess game is, again, almost complete, except for stuff like saving games, or board edition, but you can play ( it can't tell if you win or lose and has no timer, though ;-)

It's 210 lines of code (the crafty interface is 70).

Why am I mentioning this? Well, I think that if I ever make this good enough to release it, developing simple games for KDE will become much easier.

And those games will be a 80KB download, including art.

That would be good, wouldn't it? But...

... if you are thinking of writing a game, I need your help. I want you to try using this, so I can figure out if it's good or how it should be changed!

Please contact me if you know a little PyQt and want to write games!


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