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I don't have a feminine side. And neither do you, girlie man!

Yesterday I was talking with Rosario, and we had a strange argument. She said I was not in touch with my feminine side, and that she didn't like that.

To which I replied I don't have a feminine side.

Of course that caused a reply of "you do, but you are not in touch with it" and whatever. I asked her what my feminine side is supposed to be, and she mentioned that it was the part of me where I could find my feelings and some other things.

To that, I say, nyah nyah!

The idea that just because I have a certain kind of chromosomes, in order to find my feelings I must have a side that's "feminine", I say that's just propaganda.

I am a guy. I am masculine. I cry whenever I watch the end of Forrest Gump, The part of me that's crying is not some feminine side. It's my masculine side. I cry masculine tears, because a movie triggers some response in my very masculine feelings.

If I were to tell a woman that she has to get in touch with her masculine side so she can, say, drive a car better, I would be called a chauvinist pig. And correctly.

The idea, I suppose, is that her feminine side can drive just fine. Well, my masculine side can cry on movies, and fall in love, and miss my mom, and pet my cat just fine, thank you very much.

So, I don't have a feminine side Rosario, it's just my other masculine side, and he loves you too.


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