2004-11-15 02:20

On speaking and slides

As I mentioned before, I was at the 3rd CafeLUG event on friday and saturday.

It was a pretty large event, roughly 1300 pople, 63 conferences.

I had two of my own, and here's how they went:

Friday: The PyQt/PyKDE one. Audience: about 50 sitting, 15 standing. I had no time whatsoever to prepare this. But I was luky enough to have someone (thanks Cristian!) lend me a notebook, and so I spent the previous conference (pf/OpenBSD) working on mine :-)

I kept it on a low level, nothing too complicated, since I only had 60 minutes, but the audience seems to have liked it. Or at least they found my attempts at explanation funny.

Anyway, noone was disgusted enough to tell me to my face, and I had a general feeling of it having been good.

I was able to show a quick do-nothing app in 20 lines of code, and show signals and slots, and really really push the idea of interpreted languages as better for hobby programming (which I think is the right path). Not too many questions right then, but about a dozen kids attacked me with questions on the hall after leaving.

Saturday: My generic KDE-for-beginners speech. Audience: 100 sitting, 10 standing. I was a bit too heavy on the philosophical, but it went down nicely. Several of the guys from friday's PyQt session were there, so more evidence it didn't suck too badly.

It was fun, people were surprised by Ogg-ripping from Konqueror as usual, some fun, several questions.

All in all, a nice couple of sessions, and I think I did well, which encourages me to do it more often. Who knows :-)


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