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Some KDE-related hacking

Since port­ing HTML dis­play en­gines from one place to an­oth­er is all the rage these days, I did a lit­tle hack­ing on one of the old­est forms of the art:

KDE's kde­nox mod­ule con­tains kon­q-em­bed, which is, among oth­er things, a port of KHTML to al­most-pure-Qt (I think).

So, I am hack­ing to make that re­al­ly-pure-Qt.

So, it's ba­si­cal­ly port­ing KHTML from KDE to Qt.

Why? Be­cause I want a de­cent HTML wid­get for PyQt that does­n't re­quire kdelib­s. So peo­ple us­ing PyQt/Win32 can use it, for in­stance.

I don't know if it will work (hack­ing C++ code is al­most painful to me nowa­days).

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