2004-02-23 18:56

Now THAT is a stupid argument

I am reading comments about ars technica's KDE 3.2 review in /., osnews, etc.

Here's the stupid argument I mentioned in the title: "GNOME is better than KDE because GNOME does X and KDE does Y" [1]

That argument is absolutely stupid unless you can show incontroversible proof that X is better than Y. And for 99% of the instances of the argument, you can't. And even in that case, you are isolating one feature or decision in a very complex system.

Is "yes/No" button ordering better? Maybe. Maybe not. I know "No/Yes" dialogs piss me off, but that doesn't mean one is absolutely better.

And besides, suppose KDE decided to do all things like GNOME. Minimalistic UI, GConf-editor for anything more advanced than changing the date.

Then what's the point? Why would another bland, boring UI be useful at all? [2]

There's a saying: "Taste is in variety".

[1] The opposite is of course just as stupid.
[2] Yes, that is KDE-centric position, I am a KDE user, and I prefer KDE, live with it :-)

In an older version of this, I said footnotes were broken. They aren't, as you can see :-)


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