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Just in case you thought I *was* a little rough...

Ilan, dar­ling, you are para­noid. What you did is a patch. When you mod­i­fy a few strings (my guess is about 25 of them), that's not a soft­ware projec­t.

I al­so missed the part where any­one forced any­thing on your gov­ern­ment (what­ev­er that gov­ern­ment is). Must be the pow­er of the KDE guer­ril­las, sub­vert­ing the coun­try­side.

Jim Richardson / 2006-04-03 05:43:

So this guy does an s/directory/folder/ on the code, and calls that a software project?

Um, that's really pretty lame.

Georg Bauer / 2006-04-03 05:44:

Heh, and he even wines about Freshmeat disregarding his "announcement". What a pathetic little wimp :-)

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