2004-02-04 14:29

So morons can use KDE, too.

Mind you, when I say morons, I don't mean the following:

  • those using Clarux are morons
  • people who don't like current KDE are morons
  • people who can't handle UNIX are morons
  • people who prefer Windows are morons
  • people who prefer Mac are morons

I am specifically saying that those who put in their webpage stuff like

Directory Free kde-libs and Directory Free kde-base have been released (screenshot). Both of these libraries have been modified to support higher quality users (emphasis mine)

are morons. Of a very high quality. Or at least they look like morons until they correct it.

On other news: those developers you clarux guys seem to dislike so much are the ones who wrote all the fucking software you are distributing, and they were kind enough to let you spend a weekend changing strings and two icons, then distribute it in such a stupid condescending manner from your website, which is, of course, powered by more software you got as a gift from developers.

Got it? Without those developers, you would be using ground plants to draw antelopes on the roof of your filthy caves, Clarux kids.

Now, that feels better. Or was it a little over the top? Nah.


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