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Marave 0.4 is out!

Ver­sion 0.4 of Mar­ave, a dis­trac­tion-free fullscreen ed­i­tor is out at http://­mar­ave.­google­code.­com

This ver­sion in­cludes sev­er­al bugs fixed and fea­tures im­ple­ment­ed since 0.4:

  • It works bet­ter with Win­­dow­­Mak­er (di­alogs ap­­peared be­hind main win­­dow)

  • Works bet­ter with some Qt styles (com­bo box­es were un­us­able)

  • Added sup­­port for SVG back­­­grounds

  • Code cleanups

Mar­ave is free soft­are re­leased un­der the GPL, and should work in all ma­jor desk­top plat­form­s.

I would love feed­back on this re­lease, as well as ideas for Mar­ave's fu­ture, so if you want to help, please join the mail­ing list:


Of course, if you like Mar­ave, feel free to give me mon­ey

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