2009-02-23 11:22

rst2qhc 0.2: the insomnia release

Today I woke up at 6AM. I had nothing to do until 9, but I woke up and couldn't sleep again.

So, what can I do? I hacked rst2qhc a bit more :-D

Since this is a small project, it is quickly approaching feature complete status (there is really only so much this thing can do).

So, what's new?

  • Passing options to rst2html, so you can do things like set stylesheets.
  • Support for a manifest file, so you can list what files should be embedded in the helpfile.
  • Fixed project support. Now you can optionally ask rst2qhc to create a qhcp file that will build your document.
  • Better, more complete example that displays most features.

I have only one thing left in my TODO, which is calling the HTML writer via API instead of via system() because that way there is no need to define the keyword role in the document, and I can add syntax highlighting via pygments.

Since I now do have work to do, I will just release 0.2 now ;-)

You can get it from the usual place: http://rst2qhc.googlecode.com

And here's a sample of the input/output:



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