2009-02-13 13:37

Counting unread items is HARD

I mean, if google can get it wrong, I have an excuse, right?


See how at the same time you see:

  • At the left: "All items (8)"
  • At the top-center: "8 new items"
  • In the tree: 8 items
  • In the list: 14 new items

Each of those numbers can get out of sync with each other if you do something the "wrong" way.

But what the heck, it seems as of r678 urssus does it right. The list of unread posts even updates when you have it open adding the new posts in the right places without disturbing you, and keeping the right numbers everywhere, AFAICS!


So here, in uRSSUs:

  • 13 unread articles in the "Unread Articles" item
  • 13 in "All Feeds"
  • 13 adding each folder
  • 13 in the article list

Sadly, this is all post-0.2.11 release.


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