2009-02-13 11:55

uRSSus 0.2.11 is out!

Since I did some neat coding on it yesterday and today, I decided it was a good moment to release uRSSus 0.2.11 into the wild.

It doesn't look much different from 0.2.9 but it works much, much better.

Gone are the crazy disappearing/duplicate feeds when dragging/dropping in the feed tree.

Gone is the broken update scheduler, and now feeds update smoothly.

Gone are the inconsistent displays (like All feeds <> Unread items)

Gone is the CPU guzzling

Gone seems to be the DB locking and IO churning.

Sadly, gone is the DB schema migration because I can't get miruku to work with current alchemy/migrate/Elixir. Since I don't remember if the DB schema changed since 0.2.9 this may be bad ... or not. Backup, friends. Export to OPML and back. Whatever, this is alpha stuff ;-)

So, head to the uRSSus homepage and take a look. Maybe you will like it!


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