2008-08-25 14:42

rst2pdf: release fever!

I did a release yesterday, and another today of my rst-to-pdf-without-latex tool. What's new? Here's an incomplete list:

New in 0,4

  • Fixed bullet and item lists indentation/nesting.
  • Implemented citations
  • Working links between footnotes and its references
  • Justification enabled by default
  • Fixed table bug (demo.txt works now)
  • Title and author support in PDF properties
  • Support for document title in header/footer
  • Custom page sizes in stylesheet

New in 0.3

  • Font embedding (use any True Type font in your PDFs)
  • Syntax highlighter using Pygments
  • User's manual
  • External/custom stylesheets
  • Support for page numbers in header/footer

Of course, since I said I would release something every friday, this means I need to find something else to release? ;-)


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