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Cuil, you fail!

Sure, new search en­gine Cuil serch­es "121,617,892,992 web pages". I be­lieve it... maybe.

How­ev­er, I tried a sim­ple test. My name. I know more or less where it ap­pears:

  • My blog

  • My linkedin pages

  • Sev­er­al FLOSS host­ing sites

  • A bazil­lion mail­ing list ar­chives

On google this search gives the ex­pect­ed re­sult­s:


On Cuil? Not so much:


In oth­er word­s, I man­aged to be skipped by Cuil com­plete­ly. All traces of my last 12 years on the In­ter­net? Not seen. That kin­da makes me not too con­fi­dent ;-)

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