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rst2pdf again

I did a little (very little) more work on rst2pdf 1


  • Headers

  • Footers

  • Footnotes (as endnotes, real footnotes are too much work because you have to reflow the text)

  • External links (http, email)

  • Some styling improvements (meaning: the output is not so painful in the eyes)

  • Paper size support

  • Real separators

Then there are some things you just get because it's done using reportlab:

  • TrueType font embedding (check the example below, and look at the monospaced font)

  • No hyphenation (although there is a project on the web that claims to have done it, I should check it out)

Still broken:

  • No way to put things like page numbers or section names in headers/footers

  • The footnotes are not linked to their contents and viceversa

  • In fact, no internal links work, including title references

  • Tables are pretty broken

And here is the usual version of the rst demo showing improvements.


My tool to convert Rstructured Text to PDF


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