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Advogato post for 2000-03-03 21:29:27

Ok, it's decided, I am officially burnt out, at least for a few days. I just checked, and I have modified or written about 4500 lines of code in the last 5 days, and that is besides the work that puts food on my table.

So, since I have al­ready been burnt a cou­ple of times in the past, and it was aw­ful, I will just stop cod­ing un­til wednes­day. I in­tend to watch dumb shows on TV, have as much sex as I can, and do the ab­so­lute re­quired min­i­mum re­al work. If that does­n't avoid the ex­haus­tion, at least I will have fun.

Be­cause, dear read­er, I am tired, and when I'm tired I'm cranky, and when I'm cranky I bite. Turn that in­to the ob­vi­ous yo­daesque re­flex­ion, if you will.

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