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Wifi dongle

Bought an Eu­sso (No, I had nev­er heard of them ei­ther) Wifi USB don­gle.


  • It says "lin­ux driver" on the blis­ter

  • It's the cheap­­est 802.11g thing on the lo­­cal ebay-­­like place

  • My an­­cient pcm­­cia 802.11b card suck­­s.

I am think­ing of buy­ing half a dozen more and get­ting rid of all the ca­bles for all my box­es, all of Rosar­i­o's of­fice and the guest com­put­ers (yes, I do have guest com­put­er­s. They are there so my guests have their own com­put­ers :-).

Plugged it and it worked (ok, I had to in­stall the zd1211 driv­er which took me 40 sec­ond­s). On­ly prob­lem: it's hot. HOT.

So, need a US­B/WiFi thingie that works well in Lin­ux? You can do worse than this ba­by.

Adam / 2006-10-28 01:44:

I've been using a zd1211 for months under Linux. ZyDAS did a great thing and released the source under a GPL license (I wonder if Atheros who recently purchased ZyDAS will keep doing this). The driver after being rewritten was merged into the 2.6.18 mainline kernel. For more info check out

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