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So much cool stuff, so little time.

I read Za­ck Rus­in's blog about bench­mark­ing vec­tor graph­ic APIs... then I see a com­ment men­tion­ing Anti­grain. Then I check the anti­grain ex­am­ples, and they are gor­geous, and pret­ty fast! Even on a lame Sis630!

Then it hit me... I am nev­er go­ing to do any­ht­ing with it (or with Qt's Arthur). Maybe I am get­ting old, but I see a swirl of cool soft­ware... dpars­er... asymp­tote... tx­t2­tags ... (and those are on­ly the ones I saw in the last week).

All of them are about some­thing that in­ter­ests me, but I sim­ply can't do any­thing. I mean, would it be cool to write a vec­tor-ap­p-­for-kids with anti­grain (or Arthur?) Sure!

Would I like to im­ple­ment this shel­l-style lan­guage I have float­ing in my head for a year us­ing dpars­er (or py­pars­ing?) Yeah! Would I like to hack a Trac plug­in us­ing tx­t2­tags (or re­struc­tured tex­t?) Sure!

But when can I do that? I have my busi­ness, my wife, her preg­nan­cy, my oth­er project­s... maybe that's what hap­pens when you be­come old. You gath­er enough bag­gage that you can't lift any more back­packs in your trek.

But what can I do with all the ideas swirling in my head? Re­al­ly! What?

taj / 2006-10-23 23:18:

I think you should just give in, pick one up to do some half-hour hack and see what happens. Because if you are anything like me (and I like to flatter myself by thinking that you are), it will drive you crazy until you do.

OTOH, a project into which I sunk two unpaid years has been languishing incomplete for want of QGraphicsView for over a year, so I might just be a little different. :)

taj / 2006-10-23 23:21:

(followup:) ... and now that Phil has released PyQt snapshots that implement QGraphicsView and the rest of Qt 4.2, there's even less excuse not to give it a whirl. I submitted a talk for FOSS.IN ( about QGraphicsView with the assumption that this would be available by the time I would have to write my slides, and Phil didn't disappoint!

martin j. ponce / 2006-10-24 18:08:

Learn as you live for ever,
Live as you will dead tomorrow.

in the while, be happy and hack.

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