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Advogato post for 2000-08-28 16:22:01

Just noticed that I said in the previous entry that the river world tetralogy was written by J.G. Ballrd.... yikes.

First, it's writ­ten by Philip Jose Farmer (and should have re­mem­bered be­cause he has an al­ter egp called Pe­ter Jairus Frigate, and the ini­tials would­n't match with J.G. Bal­lard ;-)

Al­so, strange­ly it's not a tetral­o­gy, be­cause I found a 5th vol­ume ;-)

Any­way, read the 5th vol­ume, fin­ished the patag­o­ni­an ex­press (I re­al­ly like the book, strange­ly, the train shown in the cov­er is one that is NOT in the book!) and start­ed Tom Wolfe's "A man in ful­l".

I must say I can't read Or­son Scott Card. maybe it's just a lousy book (xeno­cide), but it's un­read­able.

I am do­ing SOME cod­ing, too ;-)

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