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I am **so** not a guru.

I got this nice mul­ti­func­tion print­er+s­can­ner+­copier, called HP PSC 1410.

Cheap, too!

Works nice, even!

Ex­cep­t... it can't be net­worked. You sim­ply can't, us­ing HP's soft­ware, print on that thing from any oth­er com­put­er on your net­work.

Ex­cep­t, that is, if they are both run­ning win­dows XP. Not even oth­er ver­sions of win­dows will work. And HP says so. (Cor­rec­tion, maybe not even with XP?)

On Lin­ux? Well, it shoul­da kin­da work, says lin­ux­print­ing.­com.

And then I sup­pose I could ex­port a post­script queue and let the lin­ux driv­er do the job, and get some print­ing done from the must-be-win­dows-98 note­book run­ning the le­gal case man­age­ment soft­ware.

But you know what? I am so tired of this crap. It does­n't work right on Lin­ux. It's crip­pled on win­dows. What ex­act­ly are we sup­posed to run for this piece of en­gi­neer­ing to work?

Why does this, a rather new mod­el, lack a fea­ture ev­ery god­for­sak­en print­er has had since the dawn on Win­dows For Work­groups 3.11?????

I know my page is read by no win­dows print­ing gu­ru, but I re­al­ly can use a hand here.

If you see a russian, it's my doing

In this rus­sian site, you can see how they got my post about the San­ta Fe python even­t. And ap­par­ent­ly what im­pressed them is the thing about the fish and the beer.

См. вас там!

Switching to feedburner

I have switched the RSS feeds to feed­burn­er.

Why? Be­cause I don't want peo­ple to ev­er lose my page again if I switch host­ings :-(

My old page at pyc­ is still there, aban­doned. I can't up­date it, I can't delete it... it's very sad, be­cause they gave me great ser­vice for sev­er­al years.

Of course it may cause the clas­sic "plan­et thinks ev­ery­thing is new" but no oth­er RSS read­er did it, I swear I test­ed sev­er­al!

As a bonus, I get traf­fic anal­y­sis of the RSS sub­scriber­s, which I nev­er had.

Amazing things

I do some strange stuff. I read bout world cup match­es on the news­pa­pers of the oth­er coun­try. I read trav­el­ogues about the city I live in.

And that, gave me this.

Now THIS is old school!

To­day, a new ver­sion of XView was re­leased.

You know... open­look?

Yes, re­al­ly.

And the FAQs in­clude things like this:

Q: The sec­ond ttysw in my pro­gram does­n't work

A: XView on­ly sup­ports one ttysw per pro­gram!

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