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If you see a russian, it's my doing

In this rus­sian site, you can see how they got my post about the San­ta Fe python even­t. And ap­par­ent­ly what im­pressed them is the thing about the fish and the beer.

См. вас там!
Sergey / 2006-05-11 17:07:

Thank for your attention, Roberto!
Santa-Fe-Python-Day is a nice idea, and I wrote about this event at LinuxRSP because it shows how we can do same things (by LUGs). And what about fish and beer... :) I've just received 4 letters about "how do pythons and penguins like fishing and beer in Russia"...

Juanjo Conti / 2006-05-13 19:17:

wow! Difución internacional! Thanks again Roberto!

Today, saturday: 200 people have register themselves at python-santafe web site.

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