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Refactoring and modularizing

I need to do it, that is.

I am hack­ing the re­struc­tured text ed­i­tor out of Not­ty, so it can be used in oth­er places.

The bad news, of course, is that be­cause I did­n´t do it at the be­gin­ning, the cur­rent im­ple­men­ta­tion is like an inkblot run­ning through the rest of the code, taint­ing ev­ery­thing, which is hard to re­move.

Af­ter that, I have to do the same thing with the "tree-thing-that-­drags-­drop­s-and-­knows-how-­to-save-it­self" (T­M), and I will have three rather pow­er­ful wid­gets (Py­TextBrows­er is the third: a QTextBrows­er that does HTTP and im­ages, you can get that one al­ready).

Maybe I should turn these in­to some sort of pack­age, too.


It is­n't so much, but it's a lot to me :-)

Thanks to all the read­er­s!

Opening and Saving Files made easier.

I im­ple­ment­ed a (hope­ful­ly) rea­son­able open/save log­ic, sup­port­ing en­cryp­tion, com­pres­sion, ( and en­crypt­ed com­pres­sion ;-) atom­ic saves.

Since al­most ev­ery app can use this, why not make it a mod­ule?

Connect KDE applications using DCOP

Good ar­ti­cle at IBM De­vel­op­er­work­s.

How­ev­er, I would use dcop "kon­q*" in­stead of dcop kon­q*, or else stuff may fail :-)

Logical proof of god´s existence... I don´t think so.

While I won´t claim to be a Ph D. in math­e­mat­ic­s, and not event a self pro­claimed Pla­ton­ist Philoso­pher as Dr. Hatch­er

But I know what´s wrong with his proof.

While it does­n´t fall in­to the in­fi­nite re­gress, it falls in­to some­thing sim­i­lar.

Since the uni­verse is a com­pos­ite and can not be the cause of its com­po­nents, there must be an ex­ter­nal cause... ok.

By def­i­ni­tion, if there is the uni­verse and Dr. Hatcher´s G el­e­men­t, then there is a sec­ond metau­ni­verse, con­tain­ing G and our uni­verse.

In that metau­ni­verse, G can not be cre­at­ed by the metau­ni­verse, since it´s a com­po­nent of it. So there must be a G´ which cre­at­ed G.

If we de­cide, as he did, that G is self­-cre­at­ed in­stead, why can´t ev­ery quark be self­-cre­at­ed?

Why can´t there be just a dozen quark­s, mov­ing through time, and we see him many times be­cause he crossed our po­si­tion in time many times?

Are you will­ing to have a quark as your god? :-)

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