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Nice side effect

Looks like the kind fel­lows at kde-red­hat.s­ have a work­ing PyKDE, and I got it while I was up­grad­ing.

That's use­ful be­cause I re­al­ly want­ed to hack some in­to KrSN (the RSS ag­gre­ga­tor tool I once wrote), and it needs PyKDE.

I had­n't done it be­cause build­ing PyKDE on a PI­I, 233MHZ, 128MB of RAM (the on­ly one I have on the In­ter­net) is re­al­ly NOT fun. But once I got it on RP­M, us­ing it works just fine :-)

Adventures in apt-get

Since Red hat 8.0 is ag­ing a lit­tle, I am up­dat­ing it via ap­t-get in­to Red Hat 9.

Sur­pris­ing­ly, it seems to be work­ing ;-)

Advogato post for 2003-10-20 00:18:21

Blogger experience?

I am writ­ing a blog­ging tool, and want it to sup­port all the APIs I can find. Right now, it works with Ad­voga­to, and with PyD­S, and it should work with blog­ger.

Why does­n't it? I don't know. Ap­par­ent­ly blog­ger claims to have a ed­it­Post() method but does­n't.

If any­one has ev­er used XML­R­PC to con­trol a blog­ger.­com blog, I would love to be point­ed at work­ing code. Any lan­guage is ok, re­al­ly.

Weekend ends...

...and I have done noth­ing im­por­tant :-)

Oh, sure, I played games, and drank beer, and had fun, and called my mom (moth­ers day was to­day), but no re­al ad­vance on any­thing at al­l.

I start teach­ing an­oth­er course to­mor­row, so I am copy­ing CDs and brows­ing... re­al­ly I am a bor­ing dude nowa­days.

And finally....

Some­one who both­ered pick­ing up all the docs of the _re­al_ blog­ger API. I hope ;-)

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