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Cover for DMQZ


The first 80% or so of the book is awe­some. Then it's not.

The end­ing makes me want to throw the book in­to a fire. Luck­i­ly I did­n't be­cause I was read­ing it on a kindle, and it would have been an ex­pen­sive ges­ture.

It's the most bla­tant "pay me for the sec­ond half of this book" I have ev­er read.

Locche: The Untouchable Pastebin


I did ma­na­ge to wri­te this thin­g, sort of, in 2 hour­s. You can see it in ac­tion he­re: http://­tin­yur­l.­co­m/­loc­che1 and it has so­me ra­ther unu­sual fea­tu­res :-)

  • You can ha­­ck Lo­c­­che in­­si­­de Lo­c­­che.

  • You can go ba­­ck to pre­­vious ve­r­­sions of the text (or Lo­c­­che) from any co­­­py of Lo­c­­che

  • It uses no se­r­­ver wha­­tsoe­­ver (o­­­ther than a CDN to get JS and co­­­de­­mi­­rro­­­r)

Wha­t's mis­sin­g?

  • Making it pre­­tty

  • Sho­r­­ten his­­to­­­ry URLs so the si­­ze does­n't ex­­plo­­­de so mu­­ch

  • Fix han­d­­ling of ' " and pro­­­ba­­bly other cha­­ra­c­­ters in the text

  • Do­­­cu­­ment it

But I thi­nk it's cool. Be­low is the li­ve­blog of how it was do­ne. Ha­ve fun ma­tching it wi­th the co­m­mit his­to­ry at http­s://­gi­thu­b.­co­m/­ral­si­na/­loc­che

I am going to li­ve-­co­de a pas­te­bi­n, wi­th a few twis­ts.

It's ca­lled Loc­che, in ho­nour of Ni­co­lino Loc­che, The Un­tou­cha­ble.

This pa­ge wi­ll up­da­te eve­ry 5 mi­nu­tes un­til I am do­ne, or 2 hours ha­ve elap­se­d.

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The Apocalypse Ocean (Xenowealth #4)

Cover for The Apocalypse Ocean (Xenowealth #4)


Best book in the se­ries. In­ter­est­ing set­ting (as usu­al for Buck­el­l) but clean­er writ­ing and bet­ter char­ac­ter de­vel­op­ment for the new ones (the old stand­bys are just there).

Al­so, what hap­pened to Et­su­do?

Really, Really, Magical Forum

Me ha lle­va­do mu­cho tiem­po y va­rios in­ten­tos pe­ro acá es­tá:

Un fo­ro to­tal­men­te no­-hos­tea­do­-­po­r-­mí-en-u­na-ur­l: http://­tin­yur­l.­co­m/­rea­ll­y­rea­ll­y­ma­gi­cal­fo­rum

Si no en­ten­dés co­mo fun­cio­na, bue­no, lo pue­do ex­pli­ca­r. Pe­ro creé­me, no es­tás ba­jan­do na­da de nin­guno de mis si­tios pa­ra que fun­cio­ne, ex­cep­to un ca­chi­to de HS pa­ra pa­gi­nar los th­rea­d­s, que lo po­dría ba­jar de gi­thub o lo que sea.

El có­di­go es­tá en http://­gi­thu­b.­co­m/­ral­si­na/­ma­gi­cfo­rum

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