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rst2pdf: now with working tables

Yup. Fig­ured out colum­n/­cell spans in re­port­lab, found old rst2rst code that reg­u­lar­izes the ta­ble row/­columns to be all the same num­ber of el­e­ments, and voilá, ta­bles work, in­clud­ing ex­am­ples like this:

| header                          |
|          |    tr                |
+  tl      +------------+---------+
|          |    c       |  br     |
+----------+------------+         +
|           bl          |         |

Which gen­er­ates nice­ly on PDF now. See it

The bad side is that it's now not a sin­gle file any­more, so I am need­ing a place to host SVN and what­ev­er, be­cause it's turn­ing in­to a re­al projec­t... and google­code does­n't let me start more stuff.

Maybe I should write an office suite.

Re­al­ly. I al­ready have a func­tion­ing slideshow pro­gram, a spread­sheet and I could write a word pro­ces­sor in a week (for some val­ues of "word", "pro­ces­sor", "write", "week" and "a".)

Of course it would be a very aw­ful of­fice suit­e, but at least it would be small. I think I can put all that in 1MB in­clud­ing icon­s.

I could make stupid­sheet pret­ty good, and to­bo­gan is ac­tu­al­ly use­ful (if rough).

rst2pdf again

I did a lit­tle (very lit­tle) more work on rst2pdf [1]


  • Head­­ers

  • Foot­ers

  • Foot­notes (as end­notes, re­al foot­notes are too much work be­­cause you have to re­flow the tex­t)

  • Ex­ter­­nal links (http, email)

  • Some styling im­prove­­ments (mean­ing: the out­­put is not so painful in the eye­­s)

  • Pa­per size sup­­port

  • Re­al sep­a­ra­­tors

Then there are some things you just get be­cause it's done us­ing re­port­lab:

  • True­­Type font em­bed­d­ing (check the ex­am­­ple be­low, and look at the monospaced font)

  • No hy­phen­a­tion (although there is a project on the web that claims to have done it, I should check it out)

Still bro­ken:

  • No way to put things like page num­bers or sec­­tion names in head­­er­s/­­foot­ers

  • The foot­notes are not linked to their con­­tents and vicev­er­sa

  • In fac­t, no in­­ter­­nal links work, in­­­clud­ing ti­­tle re­f­er­ences

  • Ta­bles are pret­­ty bro­ken

And here is the usu­al ver­sion of the rst de­mo show­ing im­prove­ments.

Un post no-nerd | A non-nerd post

Un post no-n­erd, y bil­ingüe.

Es­to es ac­er­ca de mi vi­da per­son­al, na­da nerd, si no les in­tere­sa, al próx­i­mo ;-)

El sába­do a la noche mi hi­jo Juan Fran­cis­co tenía un po­quito de fiebre (38º). Lo ll­e­va­mos al hos­pi­tal, y le hicieron un análi­sis de san­gre que mostró que tenía ba­jos los glóbu­los blan­cos.

En re­sumen: quedó in­ter­na­do 3 días mien­tras los análi­sis descarta­ban to­do tipo de en­fer­medades muchísi­mo pe­o­res que lo que en re­al­i­dad tenía (Ex­an­tema vi­ral). El ya es­tá per­fec­to, es más, sal­vo por la erup­ción típi­ca de es­ta en­fer­medad no tu­vo ningún sín­toma de nada, ni siquiera fiebre, mien­tras es­tu­vo in­ter­na­do.

Al­go im­por­tan­te: el Hos­pi­tal Mater­no In­fan­til de San Isidro es ex­ce­lente. Doc­tores, en­fer­meras, las vol­un­tari­as, to­dos se des­viv­en por los chicos, y es un hos­pi­tal públi­co. Por suerte, mi cober­tu­ra médi­ca va a reem­bol­sar to­dos los cos­tos de la aten­ción, lo que va a ayu­dar al hos­pi­tal, pero el ser­vi­cio es buenísi­mo para to­dos los ve­ci­nos del mu­nici­pi­o.

This is about my per­son­al life, not nerdy, if you are not in­ter­est­ed, read the next en­try ;-)

Sat­ur­day night my son Juan Fran­cis­co had a lit­tle fever (100.4F). We took him to the hos­pi­tal, and blood tests showed a low white cell coun­t.

Short sto­ry: he stayed as a pa­tient 3 days while anal­y­sis dis­card­ed all sort of dis­eases much worse than what he ac­tu­al­ly had (vi­ral ex­an­them). He's all right now, in fact he had no symp­toms at all ex­cept for the typ­i­cal rash of this dis­ease (not even a fever any­more).

Some­thing im­por­tan­t: The Hos­pi­tal Mater­no In­fan­til de San Isidro is ex­cel­len­t. Doc­tors, nurs­es, vol­un­teer­s, ev­ery­one give ev­ery­thing for the kid­s, and it's a pub­lic (free) hos­pi­tal. For­tu­nate­ly, my in­sur­ance will pay all the costs of car­ing for him, which will help the hos­pi­tal, but the at­ten­tion is awe­some (and free) for any­one in the dis­tric­t.

Done with rst2pdf for now

It works much bet­ter than it did last night.

The main miss­ing/bro­ken things are:

  • Ta­bles

  • Links

  • Foot­notes/c­i­­ta­­tions

  • Head­­er­s/­­Foot­ers

  • Re­f­er­ences

  • Ta­ble HEad­­er­s/S­­pan­n­ing cells

  • Lists that don't start at 1

The rest seems to be in work­ing or­der and pro­duc­ing de­cent out­put al­ready. It can process the ReST de­mo and it does­n't look bad: check it out

I say, good for half a day of hack­ing, and will now stop, be­cause it's a week­end and I have a fam­i­ly :-)

But that does­n't mean you can't try it for your­self. Just run it thus:

python myrstfile.txt

And you will get (hopefully) a myrstfile.txt.pdf

Let me know how it work­s, and if it does­n't and it's not re­lat­ed to one of the things I men­tioned above as bro­ken, send me a test file!

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