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Advogato post for 2000-01-24 23:05:37

Monday... that can't be right. After all, it seems like it was minutes ago that it was friday night and I was going to spend the entire weekend locked in, coding, bugfixing, not stopping even to eat...

Oh, I for­got, I spent the week­end at the beach and sleep­ing in­stead. Oh, well, it was not too bad ei­ther.

Any­way, to­day I'm back on track. Im­ple­ment­ed lots of easy fea­tures in KRN, the kind that were ob­vi­ous holes (like "down­load tagged ar­ti­cles in sub­scribed news­group­s", you know), fixed a bunch of bugs, and de­cid­ed that some pieces will be rewrit­ten, but not for 0.6.9.

Be­cause 0.6.9 is 99% sure to come out to­mor­row. And to­mor­row is on­ly a day away. Or so I've heard.

Advogato post for 2000-01-21 21:39:12

A day of rest. Or at least an afternoon. I was awake way too late last night watching the eclipse.

Of course a lu­nar eclipse is way too slow to just sit and watch, but I was luck­y, I could see it from my bed, through my win­dow. In fac­t, the move­ment of moon was al­most ex­act­ly across the win­dow.

So, I just got a book (Job, by Hein­lein) turn on the read­ing light, and looked at the moon ev­ery 10 pages or so.

I sup­pose I had enough eclipsed moon to last me a life­time.

Then, since I had to eake up about 3 hours af­ter I fell asleep, I have been all day on zom­bie-­mod­e. The con­tin­u­ing heat wave was not help­ing, so I went to a friend's house to stay in the pool... and I sup­pose that's why the laser-­like sun trans­formed in­to pour­ing rain in the 20 min­utes of the trip, but dammit, I still got in the pool, af­ter al­l, the wa­ter was hot­ter than the air by then.

Now, a mild 30C, a good time to go cod­ing. I have iden­ti­fied all the places in KRN where I was miss­ing net­work er­ror check­ing (yeah, sure) so this should push sta­bil­i­ty a lot.

Af­ter that, I need to fix both search di­alogs (nifty new de­sign), and I think I will re­lease 0.6.9. Per­haps on mon­day.

Advogato post for 2000-01-20 14:48:33

A no-event entry. However, keeping a diary requires habit. Habit builds through repetition. So, this is why you get this entry.

Any­way, I'm lazy to­day. Or rather, I'm in the edge of co­ma: HOW HOT CAN IT GET??? 41C right now, 89% hu­mid­i­ty, and about the same air pres­sure as mars in a stor­m. I think my brain's pro­teins are start­ing to de­gen­er­ate.

Advogato post for 2000-01-19 16:05:45

First of all, thanks Raph for telling me how to do this again :-)

Busy cou­ple of days. Went to pick my cat to the place where she stays when I trav­el. Have you ev­er seen an an­gry cat? Not an­gry as in scratch­ing and bit­ing, but, well, I can tell she is mad at me.

Oth­er than that, back to the dai­ly job, thank­ful­ly not much to do, since ev­ery­one else is still on va­ca­tion.

On the free soft­ware side of things, I'm cod­ing a lot. I am fix­ing bugs in the "get ac­tive news­group" fea­ture of KRN. That was the first func­tion ev­er to work on the pro­gram, and ap­par­ent­ly, ac­cord­ing to the changel­og, I had not touched it since then!

Advogato post for 2000-01-17 17:19:57

Well, this is the first entry. I have wanted to keep a diary on a semi-public place for a while, I guess this is as good a moment to start as ny other.

I am a KDE de­vel­op­er, my most wide­ly known pro­gram be­ing KRN. Af­ter a long hia­tus I restart­ed de­vel­op­ment a cou­ple of months ago, af­ter I de­cid­ed the cur­rent state was a bit em­bar­ras­ing.

Don't get me wrong, I am not em­bar­rased by the pro­gram as a whole. Af­ter over a year of ze­ro de­vel­op­men­t, it is still one of the more ful­l-fea­tured GUI news­read­ers you can find, and I ba­si­cal­ly learnt C++ while writ­ing it (and it shows ;-)

So, now, af­ter re­turn­ing (a mere 5 hours ago) from my va­ca­tions (nice, beach, sun, etc.) I will try to hack 0.6.9 out as soon as pos­si­ble.

There are a lot of nice things al­ready done (how about "s­e­lect from Ar­ti­cle where Sender like "%@my-de­ja.­com%" and Date > (TO­DAY()-3)" ? And no, you don't need to in­stall MySQL for this to work!

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