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Advogato post for 2000-01-21 21:39:12

A day of rest. Or at least an afternoon. I was awake way too late last night watching the eclipse.

Of course a lu­nar eclipse is way too slow to just sit and watch, but I was luck­y, I could see it from my bed, through my win­dow. In fac­t, the move­ment of moon was al­most ex­act­ly across the win­dow.

So, I just got a book (Job, by Hein­lein) turn on the read­ing light, and looked at the moon ev­ery 10 pages or so.

I sup­pose I had enough eclipsed moon to last me a life­time.

Then, since I had to eake up about 3 hours af­ter I fell asleep, I have been all day on zom­bie-­mod­e. The con­tin­u­ing heat wave was not help­ing, so I went to a friend's house to stay in the pool... and I sup­pose that's why the laser-­like sun trans­formed in­to pour­ing rain in the 20 min­utes of the trip, but dammit, I still got in the pool, af­ter al­l, the wa­ter was hot­ter than the air by then.

Now, a mild 30C, a good time to go cod­ing. I have iden­ti­fied all the places in KRN where I was miss­ing net­work er­ror check­ing (yeah, sure) so this should push sta­bil­i­ty a lot.

Af­ter that, I need to fix both search di­alogs (nifty new de­sign), and I think I will re­lease 0.6.9. Per­haps on mon­day.

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