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uRSSus 0.2.11 is out!

Since I did some neat cod­ing on it yes­ter­day and to­day, I de­cid­ed it was a good mo­ment to re­lease uRSSus 0.2.11 in­to the wild.

It does­n't look much dif­fer­ent from 0.2.9 but it works much, much bet­ter.

Gone are the crazy dis­ap­pear­ing/du­pli­cate feeds when drag­ging/­drop­ping in the feed tree.

Gone is the bro­ken up­date sched­uler, and now feeds up­date smooth­ly.

Gone are the in­con­sis­tent dis­plays (like All feeds <> Un­read item­s)

Gone is the CPU guz­zling

Gone seems to be the DB lock­ing and IO churn­ing.

Sad­ly, gone is the DB schema mi­gra­tion be­cause I can't get miruku to work with cur­rent alche­my/mi­grate/Elixir. Since I don't re­mem­ber if the DB schema changed since 0.2.9 this may be bad ... or not. Back­up, friend­s. Ex­port to OPML and back. What­ev­er, this is al­pha stuff ;-)

So, head to the uRSSus home­page and take a look. Maybe you will like it!

Urssus update: 12/2/2009

Yes, af­ter months of do­ing noth­ing, I hve made some changes in uRSSus, my RSS ag­gre­ga­tor.

Ba­si­cal­ly, I re­moved the Qt MVC tree for feeds and re­placed it with a old, re­li­able item-based tree.

And now, mag­i­cal­ly you can drop feeds in­to fold­er­s, sort feeds by un­read coun­t, and it all seems to work.

I am prob­a­bly the on­ly uRSSus us­er in the world, so I am not both­er­ing with a re­lease un­til I kick the beast in­to shape with at least some nice fea­tures, but it's some­thing.

Back to my own dogfood.

So, I must con­fess some­thing. I have not been us­ing uRSSus for a cou­ple of month­s. It all start­ed on my va­ca­tion­s. Since I had on­ly my eee, I ran in­to some prob­lems and was forced to use google read­er.

And it was NOT ter­ri­ble. Mind you, it was not great, ei­ther, but re­al­ly, not ter­ri­ble at al­l.

Since switch­ing RSS apps is a pain (be­cause you need to RE­AL­LY catchup on your read­ing be­fore switch­ing), it took me a long time to get back.

And now I find all sorts of prob­lems in uRSSus which I will have to fix. Which means I bet­ter start crank­ing.

Not that it looks bad, it's a hand­some pro­gram!


I don't ex­pect to do any­thing like last year's "A re­lease of some­thing ev­ery fri­day" mad­ness, but I will do some­thing.

Al­so, I need to re­write Bartle­Blog, the app that gen­er­ates this blog you are read­ing. It's bro­ken in many ways.

Back from the dead.

Yes, again, two months passed and noth­ing on the blog. What can I say, my life takes a lot of my time.

Any­way: I will try to ac­tu­al­ly write my PyQt tu­to­ri­al based on what I showed at Lati­noWare (I said "will write it in a few days". Ja!), and start push­ing things out ev­ery once in a while.

The on­ly FLOSS I did was some bug­fix­es for rst2pdf which is des­per­ate­ly need­ing a new re­lease.

Hope­ful­ly march will mean a bit more time for free soft­ware and writ­ing.

On oth­er ar­eas:

  • KDE 4.2 is re­al­­ly good. Beats 3.5 for me, like for most any­one else that was not con­vinced yet.

  • I want to try my hand at a cou­­ple of plas­­moids (yes, I do have at least one semi-o­rig­i­­nal idea)

So, see you soon, dear read­er­s. Maybe. Prob­a­bly.

Blog desde Latinoware nuevamente

Co­mo es­toy bá­si­ca­men­te lo­co, me con­ven­cie­ron de dar mi pri­me­ra char­la re­lám­pa­go:

  • En es­­pa­­ñol ade­­lan­­te de un pú­­bli­­co 100% bra­­si­­le­­ño

  • Crean­­do la cha­r­­la mien­­tras to­­­ma­­ba el des­ayuno 1 ho­­­ra an­­tes del even­­to.

  • Des­­pués de pa­sar­­me de los 50! mi­­nu­­tos en mi cha­r­­la de ha­­ce 2 día­s.

En bre­ve, es­ta­ba ate­rro­ri­za­do. Lle­go, me sien­to atrá­s, em­pie­zo a es­cu­cha­r...

Soy el cuar­to.

1: doc­tes­ts (ni­ce)

2: pa­sswor­ds pro­nun­cia­bles (ni­ce)

3: MVC en gtk... No en­ten­dí una pa­la­bra, y se que­dó sin tiem­po.

Así que es­toy pen­san­do, na­die me va a en­ten­der na­da, me voy a fre­na­r, me voy a pa­sar del tiem­po, y va a ser la peor char­la re­lám­pa­go en la his­to­ria.

Soy el si­guien­te: Mi te­ma: Có­mo ha­cer una hja de cál­cu­lo en 5 mi­nu­to­s.

Sor­pren­den­te­men­te, salió bas­tan­te bien. El coor­di­na­dor me pi­dió una co­pia del có­di­go, y di­jo que era un lin­do ejem­plo. Na­die se veía muy ho­rro­ri­za­do, na­die se es­ta­ba rien­do de mí, así que es­toy bas­tan­te con­for­me.

Acá es­tá el có­di­go pa­ra ud­s. tam­bién: ssi­n5­mi­n.­tgz

Lo ha­ría de nue­vo, pe­ro si lo voy a ha­cer acá, an­tes apren­do por­tu­gué­s.

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