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Back to my own dogfood.

So, I must con­fess some­thing. I have not been us­ing uRSSus for a cou­ple of month­s. It all start­ed on my va­ca­tion­s. Since I had on­ly my eee, I ran in­to some prob­lems and was forced to use google read­er.

And it was NOT ter­ri­ble. Mind you, it was not great, ei­ther, but re­al­ly, not ter­ri­ble at al­l.

Since switch­ing RSS apps is a pain (be­cause you need to RE­AL­LY catchup on your read­ing be­fore switch­ing), it took me a long time to get back.

And now I find all sorts of prob­lems in uRSSus which I will have to fix. Which means I bet­ter start crank­ing.

Not that it looks bad, it's a hand­some pro­gram!


I don't ex­pect to do any­thing like last year's "A re­lease of some­thing ev­ery fri­day" mad­ness, but I will do some­thing.

Al­so, I need to re­write Bartle­Blog, the app that gen­er­ates this blog you are read­ing. It's bro­ken in many ways.

christophe / 2009-09-25 20:44:

Oh, Bartleblog has exactly the features I was searching for.

I don't find other softwares like that... There was thingamablog but the next version won't be open-source. And there is nanoblogger but it's a command-line tool.

Well, I take your RSS feed to stay aware ;)

(Bookrest seems to be pretty good too !)

Roberto Alsina / 2009-09-25 21:20:

BartleBlog works well enough to produce this specific blog, and probably no other, thus the need for rewriting it someday ;-)

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