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Well, I didn't know that!

As ev­ery­one knows, the Da Vin­ci Code is about to be pre­miered world­wide.

I will prob­a­bly see it. By chance I ran in­to the plot syn­op­sis in the site of Dan Brown (the au­thor of the book).

Hm­m­m­m... in­ter­est­ing.

For ex­am­ple, it de­scribes Opus Dei as

Opus Dei [is a] clan­des­tine, Vat­i­can-­sanc­tioned Catholic sect be­lieved to have long plot­ted to seize the Pri­o­ry's se­cret.

Whoa.... Opus Dei is a clan­des­tine sec­t! I must say I dis­like the guys (and I know at least 4 of them), but they are about as clan­des­tine as the Bap­tists. And much less so than the Uni­tar­i­ans.

Not to men­tion that (I've heard) much of the plot re­volves around clues left "hid­den" in things like Da Vin­ci's paint­ings.

You know, if I were the Pri­o­ry of Sion, and had a se­cret... sure, I would hide the keys to the se­cret in world-­fa­mous pieces ev­ery­one sees. Or maybe I would ... hide them? You know, as in not telling any­one about them. As if it was a se­cret?

What would you choose? Any­one? Any­one? Bueller?

On the oth­er hand... the good guys are the ones (the Pri­o­ry) that have the se­cret and the bad guys are an­oth­er se­cre­tive or­ga­ni­za­tion (O­pus Dei) that wants to get the se­cret?

Well... col­or me unim­pressed, but what the hell does ei­ther one hav­ing the se­cret mat­ter? If it is a se­cret, and noone should know about it, why not give it to the guys at Opus and let them keep it? They don't in­tend to an­nounce it ei­ther.

Then the nice fel­las at the Pri­o­ry can go to the beach or some­thing.

But who cares. They are all the same to kdap­tists.

Booting with runit / runit RPM - updated

I have up­dat­ed my Boot­ing with runit sto­ry for the com­mands in runit 1.5.1 and in­clud­ed a men­tion for my easy runit RPM (which is now al­so up to 1.5.1).

If you are look­ing for an al­ter­na­tive way to boot your lin­ux ma­chi­nes, or for a re­li­able way to run and con­trol your ser­vices, please take a look. Runit is cool.

Measure twice, crash once (or less)

Hav­ing run­ning sta­tis­tics on your sys­tems is al­ways a good idea.

Since I am a qmail freak, I have been us­ing the ven­er­a­ble qmailm­rt­g7 for a long while.

In fact since I use my couri­er pop3/imap serv­er with tcpserver, I can even use qmailm­rt­g7 to give me stats about POP3 and IMAP, which it susu­al­ly does­n't.

But... qmailm­rt­g7 is kin­da lame. In part it is lame be­cause it us­es mrt­g. In part it is lame be­cause it's one opaque thing.

Munin, based on rrd­tool is much nicer to look at than mrt­g, and has a much more rea­son­able ar­chi­tec­ture.

Then, I found qm­rtg which is much nicer than qmailm­rt­g7, and al­so has a much nicer ar­chi­tec­ture.

So, why not make a qmunin based on qm­rtg which will mar­ry them?

Well, that's an idea.

It's not even very hard to do :-) I should prob­a­bly do it and pub­lish it.


A sim­ple (yeah, sure!) so­lu­tion so you can watch TV on all the com­put­ers in your home. Cher­ryTV!

It's smal­l, it's cher­ry­Pow­ered, and it does work.

RA SPP Plugin collection version 0.2.2

Fixed a sil­ly bug in the ipthrot­tle plug­in.

It had de­bug code en­abled, and it was get­ting to the SMTP client :-(

If you tried to use it, and got "in­valid re­spon­se" er­rors (or some­thing sim­i­lar)... well, try it.

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