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The Shining Girls

Cover for The Shining Girls


A heart­break­ing book, with some of the most orig­i­nal and com­pli­cat­ed time trav­el­ing mech­a­nism I have seen.

Cold Counsel

Cover for Cold Counsel


A fun sto­ry that plays with cliché in an in­ter­est­ing way.


Cover for Apocalypticon


The world build­ing is very in­ter­est­ing, and there are some very fun­ny part­s, but it does­n't re­al­ly work for me. I can see how some may like it much more than me, there are lots of things to like in it.

So, Things Happened.

Turns out I got my com­put­er stolen in No­vem­ber 8th, 2015, and that meant I had to re­store this site from back­up, which was al­so stolen. So, oop­s?

How­ev­er, it turns out that if you wait a year and a half and then spend a few hours mung­ing bits from the pub­lished site in­to a 3-years-old­er back­up, it's pos­si­ble to "de­com­pile" a Niko­la-based site back in­to a work­ing site. Or at least a site with the same num­ber of posts as the "old" site had. Which is some­thing, right?

Still need to check for dead links, and I lost the "o­rig­i­nal­s" of a bunch of im­ages from trip­s, but noth­ing ter­ri­ble.

Will I write again? Who knows. But at least if I don't it's be­cause I don't want to.

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